Arjun Telecom Pvt.Ltd

About Us

ARJUN TELECOM is a privately held company with about 10 to 15 employees. We are focused in design, installation and maintenance of secure high speed wireless LAN's. We basically design below
Types of wireless LAN :

  • Point to Point
  • Point to Multipoint
  • Mesh network

We believe that any network system will be successful by its effective management, regular monitoring and maintenance of the active components of the network.

We have astrong designinggroup which enable us to provide total, cost-effective solutions for enterprise-wide data / voice / video connectivity.

We are also involved in importing and exporting of wireless products such as CPE, Antennas, Accessories, Ubiquiti, Microtik etc.

ARJUN TELECOM invests in providing 24/7 technical support to ensure that projects are handled in a professional manner and confirm that the finished product meets the standards and client’s expectations.

Dedication to R&D to technology innovation is at the foundation of the Company's business strategy and invested on that as well.